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问路的英语对话   问路的英语对话(1):   A:Excuse me。I’m afraid I got lost。Can you show me the way to the station?   A:对不起,我迷路了,请问您能告诉我去车站怎样走吗?   B:I’m walking that way。Let me lead you the way。   B:我正朝那边去。让我给你带路吧!   A:Excuse me,Where am I on this map?[由www.duanmeiwen.com整理]   A:对不起,请问我在地图上的什么地方?   B:We are here,bus station,we are in the heart of the city。   B:u乐娱乐平台在那里,汽车站,u乐娱乐平台此刻在市中心。   A:Oh !I think I’m lost。Can I go from here to the railway station?   A:哦!我想我迷路了。我能否从那里到火车站呢?   B:Head straight up the street about two blocks then turn left。   B:顺这条街一向走过两个街区,然后左转。   A:Excuse me。I wonder if you could help me。I’m looking for the Museum。   A:对不起,打扰一下,不知您能否帮忙我,我在找博物馆。   B:Boy,you are lost。It’s across town。   B:哇,你是迷路了。它在城的那头。   A:Oh !What bad luck !How can I get to the Museum?   A:哦!太糟糕了!那我怎样去博物馆呢?   B:You can take a No。24 bus here and then transfer to a No。53 bus to get there。   B:您能够在此乘坐24路公共汽车换乘83路公共汽车到那里。   问路的英语对话(2):   "Excuse me, do you knowswheresthe Shuang'An Market is?"   Answer: "Yes, as a matter of fact I do。Do you need directions? "   Alternative sentence: "Excuse me, do you know how to get to the Shuang'An Market?"Use this when asking for directions。   "劳驾,您能告诉我双安商场怎样走吗?""是的,我明白。你需要指引吗?"   问路的另一说法为: "Excuse me, do you know how to get to the ShuangAn Market?" (打扰一下,双安商场该怎样走?)这句话也能够用来问路。   问路的英语对话(3):   Lucy:Pardon me,do you know this city well?   Tom:What's the problem?   Lucy; Could you tell me where the American Embassy is,please?   Tom:It's on the other side of town。   Lucy:That's no good。Maybe you can help?   Tom:I will help you out if I can。   Lucy:I got separated from my tour group。   Tom:You got separated from your tour group?   Lucy:Yes!What am I going to do?   Tom:It's not going to be easy to find them。   Lucy:I know!Who knows where they are?   Tom:Do you remember what place you were visiting?   Lucy:We were going to the zoo and the National Museum。   Tom:Where was the tour group going?   Lucy:I'm not sure where they were heading。   Tom:Do you have the tour operater's phone number?   Lucy:No,I left it in my room。   Tom:Where is your hotel?   Lucy:I'm staying at Regency Hotel。   露西:请原谅,你明白这个城市吗?   汤姆:什么问题?   露西,你能告诉我美国大使馆在哪里吗?   汤姆:它是在城市的另一边。   露西:那不好,也许你能够帮忙吗?   汤姆:我会帮忙你,如果我能够。   露西:我和我的旅行团分开了。   汤姆:你脱离你的团队?   露西:是的!我要做什么?   汤姆:这是不容易找到他们。   露西:我明白!谁明白他们在哪里?   汤姆:你还记得你是在参观什么地方?   露西:u乐娱乐平台去动物园和国家博物馆。   汤姆:是旅行团去吗?   露西:我不明白他们要去哪里。   汤姆:你的旅游接线员的电话号码吗?   露西:不,我把它放在我的房间里了。   汤姆:你住的旅馆在哪里?   露西:我住在深圳帝豪酒店。   问路的英语对话(4):   A和C是朋友,B是个路人(男的)   A:Excuse me sir,do you know how to go to the museum?   B:Oh,of course。Do you want to walk or take the bus?   A:How long will it take for you to walk?   B:About fifteen minutes。   C:What about taking the bus?   B:About five minutes。   A:I would rather walk。Do you know which way should I go?   B:Go straight down the street,turn left at the third block,and go straight ahead for about 100 meters。The museum will be on the right side of the street。   A:Thank you so much!   C:Thank you!   B:You're wele!Bye!   A+C:Bye!   对不起,先生,你明白怎样去博物馆吗?   哦,当然,你想步行或乘公共汽车吗?   你要走多长时光?   乙:大约十五分钟。   那坐公交车怎样样?   乙:大约五分钟。   我宁愿走路,你明白我该走哪条路吗?   乙:沿着这条街一向往前走,在第三个街区左拐,然后一向往前走约100米,博物馆就在街的右边。   十分感谢你!   多谢你!   乙:欢迎你!再见!   一个+丙:再见!   问路的英语对话(5):   A:Excuse me,can you tell me the way to the nearest subway station?   B:Sure,walk along this road to the end,and then turn right,you will see a high building,and the subway station extrance is near the building。   A:thanks a lot   B:you are wele~   A:打扰一下,你能告诉我最近的地铁站怎样走吗?   B:当然。你沿着这条路一向走到尽头,然后向右拐,就能看见一栋高楼,地铁入口就在它旁边。   A:十分感谢你   B:不客气   问路的英语对话(6):   Mrs Li:Excuse me,could you tell me the way to the post office?   I:Walk down Green Street,and turn right at the second crossing。there is a bank on your right。The post office is oppisite the bank。   李太太:对不起,你能告诉我去邮局的路吗?   我:走绿色街道,并在第二crossing。there右转是一个在你右边的银行。邮局对面的银行。   问路的英语对话(7):   A:The foreigner   B:Tom   A:Would you tell me where the ABC park is?   B:It is quite far away。You go straight and turn left at the corner。You may find a bus station。You take a bus to XX station。You turn right after you got off the bus。You can see the railway station。You take a train to ABC park station。Are you clear?   A:Yes,thank you。   答:外国人   B:汤姆   你能告诉我你在哪儿吗?   B:它是相当远的。你走直行和左转在拐角处。你能够找到一个公共汽车站。你采取公共汽车XX站。你转右你下车巴士后。你能够看到火车   车站,你去火车站,你清楚吗?   答:是的,多谢。   问路的英语对话(8):   A:Good morning。I want to go to Apple Yard subway station,how can I arrive there?   B:You can take the NO。959 bus and get off in the third stop   A:Thank you very much!Happy new year!   B:You're wele。The same to you。   早上好,我想去苹果地铁站,我怎样到那儿?   B:你能够把no。959公共汽车在第三站   十分感谢你!新年快乐!   你很受欢迎,对你也一样。   问路的英语对话(9):   "Can I take a bus there?"Answer: "You could take a bus, but a taxi would bemuch more convenient。"   Alternative sentence: "Can I go by bus?"When using the "go by" structure, bus can be substituted with other modes of transportation; i。e。, "Can I go by taxi?" or "Can I go by foot?"   "我能坐公共汽车去吗?""你能够乘公共汽车,但打的会更方便些。"   我能够乘公车去那儿吗?还能够说"Can I go by bus?" (我能够乘公共汽车吗?)当用"go by。。。"这一结构时,能够用其他交通方式来替换bus。比如"Can I go by taxi?" (我能够打的吗?)或"Can I go by foot?" (我能够吗?)。   问路的英语对话(10):   "Is it far from here?"Answer: "Yeah, it's pretty far actually if you're going by foot。"   Alternative sentences: "How far is it from here?" and "Is it nearby?"Ask this to find out the distance toswheresyou want to go。   "离这远不远?""是的,如果你步行是相当远的。"   它离这儿远吗?还能够说"How far is it from here?"(离这儿有多远?)或"Is it nearby?" (在附近吗?)透过问这句话,你能够明白你的目的地具体有多远。   问路的英语对话(11):   最近的自动取款机在哪儿   APam, where's the closest ATM?   帕姆,最近的自动取款机在哪儿?   BIt's not that far。 Do you see that Yellow building over there?   不远,你看到那边的那个黄色建筑了吗?   问路的英语对话(12):   Excuse me,could you please tell me the way to the post office?   Sure。Go straight ahead。Turn left at the first crossing。   Is it far from here?   Yes,it's about 2 kilometers away。You'd better take a bus。   Which bus shall I take?   You can take the No。2 bus。It can take you there。   Thank you。   You are wele。   对不起,请您告诉我去邮局的路好吗?   当然,一向往前走,在第一个十字路口向左拐。   离这儿远吗?   是的,大约2公里远,你最好坐公共汽车去。   我要乘哪辆车?   你能够坐2路公交车,它能够带你去那里。   多谢你。   不用谢。   问路的英语对话(13):   A:Hi,excuse me,I'm sorry to bug you,but do you know where The Royal Hotel is?   B:Just a minute。I'm as busy as a bee right now。Ok,I'm done。What can I do for you?   A:Well,I seem to be a little bit lost here。I'm worried that I'll never find my way。What's worse,I forgot my glasses and I'm as blind as a bat now。   B:Well,keep your chin up。I'll try to help you。Where are you going?   A:I'm try to get to The Royal Hotel。Do you know where that is?   B:Yes,uh,no problem。You walk down this street。You turn left at the first intersection。Walk along that road。Turn right at the corner。After that you make a left-hand turn at the first traffic light。The Royal Hotel is on the right side。   A:Great!Are there any landmarks near by?   B:Yeah,I think so。I think the hotel is right across the street from the post office。It's as plain as the hump on a camel。You can't miss it。   A:Oh,that's good。I should be able to find it pretty easily then。Is it far from here?   B:Yeah,it's gonna take you a while if you go by foot。I'd say it's about a 30 minutes uphill walk。You have to be as strong as a lion to make it。   A:Oh,that would take too long and I'm kind of in a hurry。Can I take a bus there?   B:Well,you could take a bus there,but you would have to transfer buses twice。A taxi would probably be a lot quicker。   A:Alright,I guess I'll take a taxi then。How long will it take by taxi?   B:Not too long。It should take about ten minutes by taxi。   A:Cool,thanks。   B:You're wele。   你好,对不起,打扰你了,你明白皇宫大酒店在哪里吗?   乙:就一分钟。我此刻忙得像只蜜蜂。我已经完成了。我能为你做什么?   一:嗯,我似乎有一点点迷失在那里。我担心我永远也找不到我的方式。更糟糕的是,我忘了我的眼镜,我像此刻蝙蝠一样瞎。   嗯,你的下巴,我会尽力帮忙你的,你要去哪里?   我想去皇宫大酒店,你明白这是哪里吗?   B:是的,嗯,没问题。你沿着这条街一向走。你转左,在第一个十字路口。步行沿着那条路。转右的角落。后,你让一个左转,在第一个交通   皇宫大酒店是在右边。   伟大的!附近有没有什么标志性建筑?   我想是的,我想那家旅馆就在邮局对面的街上,它像一头骆驼一样的平原,你不能错过它。   哦,那很好,我能够很容易地找到它,离这儿远吗?   B:是,它会带你,如果你的脚去。我想说的是,它的约30分钟步行上山。你有像狮子使它强壮。   哦,太长了,我很着急,我能够坐公交车去吗?   好的,你能够坐公交车去,但是你得换乘两次车,一辆出租车大概要快很多了。   好的,我想我会坐出租车,出租车要多长时光?   乙:不太长,就应用十分钟的时光乘出租车。   答:很酷,多谢。   乙:欢迎你。   问路的英语对话(14):   "How long will it take by taxi?" Answer:"It should take about 20 minutes by taxi。"   To go someplace "by taxi" means to take a taxi there。You can also say that you want to "cab it"; i。e。, "The club is too far to walk to, let's cab it!"   "要是打的去得多长时光呢?""打的大约需要20分钟。"   打车去需要多长时光?打车去某地,是"go there by taxi"或"take a taxi there",也能够说"cab it"。例如:"The club is too far to walk to, let's cab it!" (那个俱乐部走着去太远了,咱们打的去吧!)。   问路的英语对话(15):   。"Are there any landmarks nearby?" Answer: "Yeah, it's right across the street from a post office。"   Asking this can help you to clarify the directions。 You can also ask "What's the closest major intersection?"   "有什么标志吗?""有,从邮局穿过马路就到。"   那儿附近有什么标志性建筑物吗?这个句子使指引的方向更清晰一些。当然也能够问一下"What's the closestmajorintersection?" (最近的重要的十字路口是哪个?)。   问路的英语对话(16):   A: Excuse me, Where am I on this map?   B: We are here, bus station, we are in the heart of the city。   A: Oh ! I think I’m lost。 Can I go from here to the railway station?   B: Head straight up the street about two blocks then turn left。   A:对不起,请问我在地图上的什么地方?   B:u乐娱乐平台在那里,汽车站,u乐娱乐平台此刻在市中心。   A:哦!我想我迷路了。我能否从那里到火车站呢?   B:顺这条街一向走过两个街区,然后左转。   A: Excuse me。 I’m afraid I got lost。 Can you show me the way to the station?   B: I’m walking that way。 Let me lead you the way。   A:对不起,我迷路了,请问您能告诉我去车站怎样走吗?   B:我正朝那边去。让我给你带路吧!   A: Excuse me。 I wonder if you could help me。 I’m looking for the Museum。   B: Boy, you are lost。 It’s across town。   A: Oh ! What bad luck ! How can I get to the Museum?   B: You can take a No。 24 bus here and then transfer to a No。53 bus to get there。   A:对不起,打扰一下,不知您能否帮忙我,我在找博物馆。   B:哇,你是迷路了。它在城的那头。   A:哦!太糟糕了!那我怎样去博物馆呢?   B:您能够在此乘坐24路公共汽车换乘83路公共汽车到那里。   问路的英语对话(17):   A: Excuse me. Would you telt me where The People's Park is?   A:对不起,请问去人民公园怎样走?   B: The People's Park is located on Nanjing Road, near Ximao road, just on the opposite side of the International Hotel.   B:人民公园在南京路上,靠近西茂路,就在国际饭店对面。   A: How long will it take me to get there?   A:要走多久才能到那儿?   B: Only about twenty minutes.   B:只要20分钟左右。   A: I'm not going in the wrong direction, am I?   A:我没有走错方向吧?   B: No, you aren't. Just go ahead, please.   B:您没有走错,请一向朝前走。   A: May I take a bus to get there?   A:我能够乘公共汽车去那儿吗?   B: You can take the No. 22 trolley bus to get there.   B:您能够乘22路无轨电车去那里。   A:OK. Thank you a lot.   A:太好了。多谢。   其他常用英语口语表达   Go across the street. The post office is on the corner.   迁马路,邮局就在拐角处。   Go straight for about 2 kilometres and you will reach the station.   再往前走2000米,您就能到达车站。   About how long will it take me to get there from here?   从这儿到那儿大概需要多长时光?   Do you know where the nearest subway station is?   那您明白最近的地铁站在什么地方吗?   When you get to the light, go right.   到红绿灯那里,向右转。   I've been told it is somewhere near here.   有人告诉我它在这附近。   常用英语词汇表达   post office 邮局   go straight 直走   crossroads 十字路口   subway station 地铁站   turn right 右转   two blocks 两个街区   问路的英语对话(18):   去第82街要多久   AExcuse me, do the buses stop here?   打扰了,公车在那里停吗?   BYes, they all stop at this corner。   是的,他们都在这个角落停。   问路的英语对话(19):   这路公车去新书店吗   AExcuse me, does this bus go to the new bookstore?   打扰了,这路公车去新书店吗?   BNo,you'll have to get off at the bank,and take a No。50。   不,你务必在银行那里下车,然后搭50路公车。   问路的英语对话(20):   去动物园在那里搭公车吗   AExcuse me。 Is this where I catch the bus for the zoo?   打扰了。我要去动物园在那里搭公车能够吗?   BWell,you can take the No。36 bus from here, but then you have to walk about 30 minutes。   额,你能够从那里搭36路车,但是之后你务必走30分钟左右。   【相关知识】   1)。问路的几种表示方法:   a。Excuse me, but please tell me how to get to the railway station? 请问,去火车站怎样走?   b。 Could you tell me how I can get to the museum? 请你告诉我去博物馆怎样走?   c。 Would you please tell me where the post office is? 请告诉我邮局在哪儿?   d。  Excuse me, but can you tell me the way to the museum? 请你告诉我去博物馆怎样走?   e。 Excuse me, but I'm trying to find a chemist's shop。 对不起,我要找一家药店。   f。 Would you please tell me if there is a hospital nearby? 请问附近有医院吗?   2)。回答别人问路的表示方法:   a。 Go along the street until you e to the traffic lights。 沿这条路一向走到红绿灯那儿。   b。 Turn right / left at the second crossing。 (Take the second turning on the right / left。) 在第二个十字路口向右 / 左转弯。   c。 It's on the corner of Huaihai Street and Xizang Road。 在淮海路和西藏路的路口。   d。Take a number 46 bus, and get off at the square。 坐46路公共汽车,在广场下车。   2。 It's only about ten minutes' walk。 (D) 那儿离这儿只有走大约10分钟的路。   it常被用来表示距离,后面能够跟表示距离的名词短语,也能够跟“名词(表示时光) + 名词(表示行走方式)”,要注意撇号的位置。例如:   It is three miles to the lake。 这儿离湖有3英里的路程。   My home is not far from here。 It's only five minutes' walk。 我家离这儿不远,走5分钟就到。   It is one hour' ride from Shanghai to Suzhou。 从上海坐车到苏州有1小时的路程。   有时地方名称也直接做主语:The post office is two blocks away。 邮局离这儿两个街区的距离。   3。 Simpson Hall is on the corner of Bellflower Boulevard and Atlantic Avenue。 (T) 辛普森楼位于贝尔弗劳尔大道和大西洋街的街角上。    1)。corner前可用不一样的介词表示不一样的位置概念,街道的拐角可用介词on或at。例如:   There is a post office at / on the corner of Smith Street and Beach Road。 史密斯街和海湾路的十字路口有个邮局。   The dog slept fortably in the corner of the room。 那条狗在屋角舒服地睡觉。   I was about to cross the street when a car came round the corner。 我正要过马路,这时拐角处开来一辆汽车。   2)。街道的名称可使用avenue, street和boulevard。avenue指的是宽阔的林荫大道,尤其指美国城市里纵向的街道,与其交叉的横道称为street。boulevard也是林荫大道。   4。 Then walk two blocks straight ahead until you e to Cherry Avenue。 (T) 然后一向向前走过两个街区,直到切里街。   5。 There's a bus stop across the street on the corner of Cherry and Bellflower。 (T) 在街对面,切里街和贝尔弗劳尔大道的转角上有一个公共汽车站。 本句中across the street意思相当于on the other side of the street。   6。 Take a number 10 bus going down Cherry。 (T) 乘沿切里街行驶的10路公共汽车。   1)。乘公共汽车, 火车, 电梯等都能够用动词take,如本课后面的例子:   Take the elevator to the second floor。   My brother is going to take a ship for Wuhan。   2)。分词短语going down Cherry是修饰bus的定语。down在那里是介词,表示“沿着”,常和along替换使用。请看本课另一句:Then turn to the right and walk one block along Second to the corner of Orange Avenue。 然后向左拐,沿着第二街走,穿过一条马路,到奥兰治街的街角。   这句中的along也可改用down。又如:The boat went down / along the river。 小船顺河而下。   7。 If you follow these directions, you won't have any trouble。 (T) 如果你按照上述指引做的话,到保罗的寓所去是没有什么困难的。
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